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I always wanted to be a writer. But I didn’t know it.


The daughter of eloquent parents, one of whom earned an MA in Journalism and served as Editor of his college newspaper, I was exposed to strong communication from an early age.


Spelling came naturally to me, as did the writing of essays and research papers while a student. Yet, it didn’t hit me that “I’m pretty good at this” until I reached adulthood.


I didn’t see myself as a writer. Writers are novelists and poets, right?


It was during my nine years working for a large nonprofit in Dallas that my writing skills became something for which I was known. Whether it was an email to a colleague or copy for a fundraising guide, I discovered that syntax came naturally to me.


Furthermore, it was important to me. There was no chance that any form of communication would leave my desk unless it was perfectly polished and thoroughly communicated its objective.


Surprisingly, motherhood would help me refine and foster my writing skills further when my lifelong friend and I founded a parenting blog together. The creative outlet was fulfilling. I enjoyed learning about what readers want (and don’t want) as well as the opportunity to engage with an audience.


During this time, opportunity came knocking in the form of a local, digital media company seeking new freelance Contributors. It was here that I learned the art of storytelling for businesses, content strategy, and the value of a strong headline.


And I officially - and proudly - took ownership of this truth: I’m a writer.


Three years into my role as a Contributing Writer, I was offered the position of Editor-in-Chief.


In the four years since accepting the role of EIC, I’ve learned a lot. Copyediting is a strength of mine, as is general proofreading and storytelling.


Good writers are developed; it takes work. The more you write, the better a writer you will become. 


I’m seeking writing opportunities that will allow me to use my strengths and further develop my skills as a writer. I enjoy supporting the objectives of my clients through the written word while engaging readers.

I'd love to learn about you, as well, and understand your writing needs.

Thank you for stopping by!

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